pls me choose


Reade PM OR Damier 25

  1. Reade PM

  2. Damier 25

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  1. I am not sure for vernis. It seem need special caring..
    and Damier speedy 25 is easy use .., no need to caring much for patina..

    Pls help me vote..

    whihc one is nice in ur eyes...
    I am 167CM and slim and long hair..

    sorry!! need to tell a u all can imagine.

    Thxs for poll..
    p10189011_ph_hero.jpg p11238882_ph_hero.jpg
  2. slim and long hair:nuts: Vernis defenitelly...
  3. Didn't you just buy a minilin speedy and a heart coin purse?
    Maybe not the Damier speedy, I say go with Reade PM.
  4. I like the Speedy better...
  5. damier speedy
  6. I like damier speedy
  7. I give two my handheld bags to my sister. I look oen more for new.
  8. Damier speedy 25 is much better to use to be honest
  9. ok then I choose Damier speedy:yes::shame:
  10. The vernis is gorgeous but the speedy will probably get more use. I lean toward practical bags. :smile:
  11. If it's for everyday use the damier speedy
  12. hhmmmm what a tough choice- both bags are beautiful but I agree with others that you'd get more use from the Damier. Then you could get a vernis wallet or cles to go with it :idea:
  13. The Damier will always get my vote- :heart: Good luck in your selection.. its so fun:yes:
  14. Damier speedy and use the heart coin purse (you have one?)with it...adorable!:drool: :love:
  15. The Damier :smile: