Pls vote for me, Rose Dragee, white or orange

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which color should I pick..?

  1. White 35 Epson Birkin

  2. Rose Dagree in 35 swift

  3. Orange 35 epson Birkin with Gold Hardware

  4. Chocolate 35 Togo.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. pls pick one for me..

    my current collection:
    White JPG
    BJ 35 birkin
  2. Chloe - what do you look like? Some people might need a bit more to go on. What colour is your skin, hair? What do you like to wear?
  3. I am asian with Dark brown hair, 5'4" tall , skinny.

    I dress quite casual, ( I have to wear uniform for work) and after work, mainly jeans and Tee.

    I am not very sure how difference is rose and white but I sort of know that the rose is very pale..

    I never see swift leather in real life, does anyone here has a close up picture of swift? is it similar to box leather? or it has a matte finish like Epsom?
  4. ChloeSS, what leather are your current collection?
  5. Hi, here is a picture of vermillion holding a rose dragee 30 birkin. I have a rose dragee Lindy. IMO Rose Dragee has a lilac tinge to it.
  6. Chocolate 35 Togo...for contrast...a neutral, practical color...
  7. Chocolate Togo!x
  8. I vote for chocolate togo! :yes:
  9. Chocolate Togo. Yum. To round out your collection!
  10. I vote for Orange Epsom with GHW.
  11. Chocolate togo would balance your collection. Also I have chocolate togo myself and I find it goes with just about everything and makes for a very good bag you don't have to baby. Great for travel too.
  12. chocolate togo. I love togo
  13. Chocolate in any leather -- it's a great neutral!!
  14. Chocolate Togo, specially considering what you already have.
  15. Another vote for chocolate. You already have white and chocolate would bakance your need for a dark color.