Pls tell me....why ebay auction can be ended early w/ current price??

  1. :sad: I was so upset this morning to see one of my watched item has ended early and sold to the current bidder w/ only the starting price. I am so new to eBay and thought a 7-day listing should be ended just exactly after 7 days!

    I wonder shouldnt it follow the listing duration so everyone who is interested in bidding it would have a fair treatment? Or those sellers can put a note says that they accept offers.

    I am so sad to miss the chance of owning smthg I have been looking for so long. So can eBay experts tell me if this happens all the time w/ ending auction early to buyer's bargaining offers???? :crybaby:

    Please advise so I can be good next time and work fast.:wlae: TIA
  2. Some sellers will sell an item if you just e-mail them and ask. I have ended an auction early to sell to someone. If you really want something it is a good idea to e-mail the seller and ask if she will end the auction early and sell you the item. Also it might say it ended for one price but the buyer has agreed to pay more.
  3. It happens all the time, and in fact there is an option through eBay to end an auction at the current price to the highest bidder. Normally, what happens is that the highest bidder has made an offer to the seller (higher than the current auction price) that the seller considers sufficient to end the auction for.

    I always encourage people to email sellers and make offers, who knows, you may get lucky and by-pass the who bidding war thing. Try to always buy through eBay whenever possible, but if not, then make sure to pay with credit card via PayPal. Never pay by cash, check, or money order, and not instant transfer on PayPal either. You are only really covered if you pay by credit card via PayPal.