Pls tell me whats the name of this Chanel Bag

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  1. which Chanel bag is this???? IMG_1328.jpg
  2. Ooh I have the exact bag in red. It's called the Coco Train ligne if I recall correctly. I think Mon and Natalie might know. The bag is in coated fabric and caviar leather! HTH!
  3. ^I have it in the beige tote.Bought it in Paris 2 novembers ago.its from the cruise line the year before last
  4. cute bag!
  5. Thanks so much...... btw- would you still remember how much it was? thanks???? and should i get this bag?????:love:
  6. It's a past season bag but if u really want to find one, the best place is on ebay or consignment shops.