Pls. tell me what the new violet should be?

  1. I've found the pictures of the new season violet but these two pictures are quite different.I'm thinking ...TWIGGY OR WORK is the best for this colour.(I'm the fan of these two stlyes) Pls. advice THANKS:tup:
    MyBags010.jpg A1133112.jpg
  2. I've seen the second pic before..... I think that one may be the most accurate representation? but :shrugs: I'm not even 50% positive on that.................
  3. If I recall correctly, people who have seen violet in person (ie Barney's trunk show, BalNY trunk show?) have said that violet is a lot brighter and more vivid in person than in photos, where it appears sort of soft or neutral and a tad muted.

    People who have seen violet swatches IRL -- please chime in! :smile:

    I'm #1 in line for a Violet Work with RH at BalNY. I can't wait to get it!
  4. Here's a photo of a violet sweater from Balenciaga's fall collection. It may be possible that it looks something like this color (sorry for the blurry pic).

  5. The violet I saw in person had a lot of red in it...much like an ultraviolet color. Very pretty with Gold GH. And the color actually has depth and not flat like the pre-collection colors have been.
  6. Whe you get the violet work pls. show us:yahoo:
  7. This violet is terrific,its blended with black.
  8. Thanks incoralblue,can't wait to see IRL.
    By the way,I'm glad you replied my thread.I'm your big fan.:wlae::tup:
  9. I can't wait to see it IRL, I hope it's not too bright.
  10. is this violet or grape? I know the color in the photograph is the color I want. I talked to a SA at Bal Paris this morning and I told him that I wanted Grape, but sounded like he wasn't sure what color I was referring to. I'd hate to wait that long and get the wrong color, so help is very much appreciated! Also, does anyone know the French name of that color? thanks
  11. balenciaga always has more than one name for each color! grape = violet in this case. To make it even more confusing, Barneys, NM, and most other retailers make up their own name for each color, so we end up with 5 names for one color :confused1:
  12. Oh Thanks simmmchen. I called Aloha and they use Ioline/Violet. I'm having a hard time picturing what the giant hardware (gold and silver) would look on this color. Any ideas? Anyone?
  13. ^^^ When I spoke to Daphne at BalNY, she actually mentioned that the gold GH looks beautiful on it. However, I'm a silver gal at heart and I think either would work well (of course, this is coming from someone getting a first w/RH on it, so what the heck do I know :p).
  14. you're welcome!

    As for gold or silver GH... I think both will look great on violet! Sorry, I'm no help at all :p Have fun picking out your new bbag :heart: How exciting!
  15. I've seen the Violet Hobo with Gold's gorgeous! I can't imagine Silver GH being as gorgeous as the gold.