pls tell me this easy bag is med or small ?

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    I just received this easy bag today but I am not very happy as it seems too small on me.. the seller said this is med size. pls confirm...



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  2. How tall are you? It's difficult to tell from the pics because the bag is undone, which makes it look bigger, but I *think* it's the medium.
  3. It appears to be the medium, but it would be helpful if you could post the bag's measurements and your height.

    There has been a lot of confusion about the Easy sizes, particularly because has several of its Easys mislabeled with the wrong size name, according to some members.

    But the general consensus seems to be that the medium Easy is 12" wide and the large Easy is 15-16" wide.

    Here are some modeling pics from the Reference Library of members with their mediums. There are many more modeling pics in that thread:


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    more photo... i am 168cm.



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  5. According to YSL, that would be a small (the 12" size) and the medium is the 15" size. When we were first looking at the patent Easy bags, travelbliss called the boutiques to get more details and was told that the medium was the one selling for $995, which is the 15-16" size.

    However, there has been confusing size information in general regarding the bag so it would be understandable that your seller would have described it as a medium. I would just contact her and let her know you were looking for the larger size which YSL considers the medium. Hopefully she would be reasonable and willing to take the return, because if she listed the dimensions then you might be out of luck regardless of what size description she used. is notorious for mislabelling their bags, but you could show her these links where they have 12" wide listed as small and 15" wide listed as medium:
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    Getting in the weeds here, but jellybebe and I were chatting in her thread about this a few weeks ago, and this is what I think might be going on.... My YSL SA in New York told me in the fall that there were three Easy sizes: small, medium, large. Both jellybebe and I saw the small IRL, and it was a TINY handheld bag. We think that for the fall Easys, a small was 9" wide, a medium was 12" wide, and a large was 15" wide. That's the way that several members who bought theirs in the fall have labeled them in the Ref Library.

    Now, as many of us have noticed, has recently had the 12" wide version labeled as small and the 15" wide version labeled as medium. I think its possible that they discontinued the 9" version because it didn't sell well. Might they have changed the names, so now there are only two sizes? Just speculating here, but that could explain some of the mislabeling and the Marie Claire allusion to "downsizing."
  7. That is so confusing! Either way ChloeSS, the bag is a really pretty shade. Have you decided whether you're going to keep it?
  8. ^When I saw a bunch of the 9" version (fall small) on the sale tables in December the straps were way too short for anyone to get on their shoulder. They barely would fit over wrist.
  9. OK, this is getting comical now. I liked your theory and called YSL (spoke to Madison Ave.) to see if they could confirm it so we could use it as the definitive information and was told that there used to be a larger size that's no longer available and now it's just the 12" small and the 15" medium. That didn't sound right but she sounded pretty confident about the info and I've never seen the 9" so I couldn't refute her with first hand knowledge. So who knows what on earth has gone on in the past with the sizes, but it seems pretty consistent that now the 12" is the small and the 15" is the medium and there is no large anymore, for whatever reason, so at least we have something.

    ChloeSS, let us know how it goes if you do decide to pursue a return. Given all of the craziness about the sizing, it seems like you have a basis to request one if you choose to go that route. The 15" medium size is quite a bit larger, it's comparable to the large Muse Two if you've seen that, so it depends on whether you wanted to go up to that size from what you have.
  10. ^Yup shazam, that's pretty consistent to what I've been thinking recently as I've been trying to sort out the Easy size issue.

    One problem I've been mulling over is the Reference Library. For instance, the bags that benr, vlore, and Melissa Ann posted look like the 12" size to me. When they posted them last fall, they labeled them as medium. But now by the new 2009 standards they are actually the "small."
  11. i think the labels have confused everyone, haha.
    my understanding is there's the medium (12") and the large (15"), if there's no "small", then they will also be called "small" 12" and medium 15" to aid in confusion.
    relativism, hah!
  12. ^^ Yeah, and I was calling the Easy bags that all of the celebs were carrying "large" although those are clearly the 15" size which is apparently medium at this point. I think it's one of those cases where you might get a different answer from each SA but in the end it seems like a size was discontinued and now we're left with small and medium, possibly re-named from the original sizes.

    I think a lot of those smaller Easy bags were also purchased from Saks and NM which are also bad at accuracy in their descriptions so the department stores could have been adding to the confusion, too. Right now Saks has an Easy bag that it claims is 19" and is a medium.:nogood:
  13. Wow, this is so confusing! However, Chloe, based on your newer pic, it looks like the bag you got is the "smaller" size, which used to be called medium on this forum but is now called small on I believe Cosmo's theory is correct - likely, YSL discontinued the true small size. When I saw it, it was also on sale, which gives credence to the idea that it is no longer available, combined with the fact that many people have never actually seen one that is so small.
  14. If it does not fit over your shoulder easily than it is the small size. I have one in the blue. I love it but I don't try to put it over my shoulder. I am not a big person in frame but tallish
  15. I know that it is a pain, but maybe instead of calling it small, medium, or large on the forum, perhaps we can just identify it by actual size? It's a bag that I am considering for my next purchase in a few months, and it would be helpful. :shrugs: