Pls tell me if I did the right thing...

  1. Today I was at the store, and they had a TGM Evelyne in Brighton Blue. And I didn't buy it.

    I have a TGM Evelyne in Black and a 35cm raisin vibrato Birkin. I want another TGM Evelyne, but something that goes with browns--either ebene or etoupe, and I want a 35cm Kelly. But I do so love Brighton Blue, and TGM is hard to find...
    Should I wait or should I buy it? Thanks.:wondering :confused1:
  2. Don't fret, you already answered your own question by not buying it. I should definitely wait until the right bag and leather and colour sings to you, this one didn't. The bag for you will come and you'll be glad you waited.
  3. ^yep, I agree with AAB.
  4. Ditto ! I totally agree with AAB & GF. Stay strong and hold out for the Kelly !
  5. I agree with the others...if you didn't 'have to have' the bag at the time that you saw it then that tells you the answer...hold out for that 'love' bag!!
  6. Yes, I agree with the others!
  7. Wouldn't the Brighton Blue go with browns?:shrugs:
  8. sounds like you don't have a kelly yet - definitely hold out for one! good luck!
  9. I agree...wait... An aside...I have a brighton blue looks better in my black bags than my brown...
  10. I'd wait too, for the Kelly !
  11. Thank you all for your input. I am glad I waited. I just have to remember other opportunities will arise.:yes:
  12. Such great advice!!! ITA!!!!
  13. You were very wise and disciplined to not buy it! I congratulate you! That takes nerves of steel. Your perfect bag will come to you as a reward for your discipline!
  14. Your Kelly will find you!
  15. Just an update--you were right. Less than a month later, I was able to get a 32 BB clemence Kelly. I have been using it every day. It's hardy and goes great with jeans. Thank you all--without your support, I might have succumbed to the wrong bag.:heart: