Pls tell me about the interior


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
I've been considering getting a b-bag for a while now, lurking on the forum now & then and checking things out. I was depressed with work and semi-obsessed with the idea back in March, then abandoned it for a while, and now am back... I love the colors and variety. of the things I keep hesitating over is the cloth interior. I have this bias that if I pay $1000+ for a bag, the interior darn well better be suede (or I guess leather would be acceptable, in a pinch.) I'm assuming it's much more fabulous that my mental picture of it? Thanks!


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
Truthfully I don't even notice the interior :shrugs:

I bought my Mom a washed buffalo Prada satchel with a leather interior and it was lovely :heart:

But the Bals make up for it in the wonderful leather and awesome colors.


miss old school Bal
Feb 8, 2007
Actually, I think the black canvas interior of the Bbag is the best around. I have been through brands such as Fendi, Jimmy Choo & LV and I would vote for the black lining anyday! It would obviously not show any marks, especially if your prone to carrying around pens in the bottom of your bag. The LV bags are just as expensive and their linings are faux suede fabric, as are the Jimmy Choo bags. I can't think of any bags that have a suede lining except for Marc Jacobs & Hermes...Please don't let the black lining deter you, it's totally worth it!


Jul 10, 2006
I can't think of any bags that have a suede lining except for Marc Jacobs & Hermes..

Botkier bags also have suede lining. Not sure about anything else, though.

In my experience (which isn't very much, I'll admit -- of the "high end" designers, I've only owned an LV, Botkier, and Balenciaga), I definitely prefer the lining of Balenciaga. The Botkier I own (medium Bianca satchel), the leather is amazing (not nearly as amazing as Balenciaga, though!!) but the suede lining makes the bag way too heavy and bulky for my liking, so I've only carried it a few times. The lining in my Bbag is so much softer and I'm not nearly as worried about getting it marker up.


Aug 3, 2006
I'm also a fan of the Balenciaga linings. I've geared all the stuff I carry to be easy to spot against a black background (Aquamarine coin purse for make-up, white and yellow eyeglass cases, etc.) I get really thrown when I carry bags with light colored linings.


Balenciaga Forever
Jan 7, 2006
I too love the black canvas lining. It is very practical. You don't have to worry about dirt showing and it's pretty sturdy IMO. I've never owned bags with a suede lining but have owned bags that are suede and always seem to get them so dirty and worn.

Although many of us baby our bags, the lining is one thing I've never worried about!


Jul 27, 2006
Honestly, the black canvas lining is less than luxurious, but it is very practical :tup: My compact opened one day and got makeup all over the inside of my bag. It would have been a disaster if it was my MJ with magenta suede lining, but since it was my B-bag, I just kind of pulled the canvas lining away from the bag and wiped it off with a wet cloth. So, I acutally really appreciate the fact that B-bags have canvas lining.
May 7, 2007
I agree with all above that say the Black Lining of the BBags is very practical. I have found in my experience that suede linings etc mark too easily and are not really the best material to use for linings.

The question is - would you rather pay the money to have a lovely Leather bag with cloth lining or pay for something else which can have Suede or Leather linings but the bags themselves are not made of leather - like Louis Vuitton?


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
Thanks ladies! I need to go check the bbags out in person. I had to schlep up to San Francisco for work almost every day for 3 months (hence my depression earlier this year -- it can be as little as 45 minutes not at rush hour, but at daily commute time, it's at least an hour and a half. So now I'm too lazy to go up to shop.) I did realize that I have a Tods bag with a cloth interior, and I really don't notice that. Currently, I'm a Bottega Veneta addict, which has the soft leather and the suede interior. LV has never been my thing, since I am, indeed, all about the leather...


Are we there yet?
Mar 31, 2006
IMO, the cloth lining is both lightweight and practical.

I left on of my bals in the car & an eyebrow pencil melted in it.

After my initial freak-out, it was very easy to clean up.

Plus, I like to pull the linings out of my bags and hold the upside down to clean out dust, hair, etc. regularly.