Pls talk me out of buying Empreinte ZCP

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  1. I have 1 hour left to phone LV cust serv line, please talk me out of purchasing the Empreinte Zippy Coin Purse in black color lol.
    I love the ZCP and have them in mono and DE already but the Empreinte leather is divine~!!

    To Empreinte ZCP or SLGs owners, how's yours holding up?
  2. Ha! You've come to the wrong place if you want someone to talk you out of something when it has to do with LV!
  3. Absolutely's gorgeous, go for it! ;) I have the Zippy but not for very long. So far it looks brand new and I love using it. The canvas is nice but Emp...:cloud9:
  4. I know... especially in the eve of a price increase lol
  5. Hahaha I knew you would say this! I was hoping they had ZCP in Infini but black is gorgeous too!!
  6. Just got my speedy empreinte in black today. My first empreinte piece and I'm hooked! Get it!! You're going to regret it after the price increase.
  7. Can't help you there as I just bought a empriente wallet, the zippy is sooooo nice in empriente!
  8. Here is a picture of the black zcp my SA sent me a few days ago. Perhals this can help make up your mind. I personally think it's gorgeous and say get it :smile:

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  9. WOW I didn't know the ZCP comes in empreinte! Thanks .. are there other new black empreinte wallet designs? New Sarah model maybe??
  10. Get it!😃
  11. Yes I saw your lovely reveal!! Your black Empreinte speedy is gorgeous!! I bought the Infini Empreinte speedy 25 recently and am hooked too I want to beat the price increase lol
  12. Thanks I think I am asking for an extra push for me to dial the LV # lol love the Empreinte leather!
  13. Wow I want it I want it! Thanks for sharing the pic :smile: I got the speedy Empreinte in Infini but would love a SLG in black too so this is perfect!
  14. Since you love the zcp design I think you should get it OP
  15. Yes there are a few models if you search for 'black Empreinte': virtuose wallet, curieuse wallet, compact curieuse wallet, zippy, and ZCP :smile: