Pls show your Au Contre Courant's...

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents:smile:

    Pls help me see a full view of Au Contre Courant/Against the Waves in any available scarf or chiffon

  2. shoot. have you searched acc in the forum? i don't have a full out pic of mine.
  3. I would like to see it in diff colorways...
  4. dizz - I have the PM chiffon in the sepia tones, will take a pic next time I do Princess B's album.....I love this came in the most glorious turquoise, and also a bright yellow/fuschia!
  5. Here you go! My ACC mousse PM in greens:


  6. Thanks go to the incomparable GSF for cheerfully blessing me with this sort of butter yellow/mango/turquoise/pink/coral/white silk twill version of my grail ACC that matches my complexion, my turquoise Karo and my natural sable Massai so perfectly.
    ACC.jpg ACC w nat sable.jpg
  7. Ohhhh beautiful!!! Sorry I can be of no help. I just came by to drool at pics hehehe.
  8. gga you took a whole family shot! fabulous!

  9. I am in :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  10. I just saw this! I have the sepia and the dark blue mousselines. I'm at work now and don't have access to them but will try to post today or latest tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!
  11. Sorry about the picture quality. Here is mine, I don't know the colorway. The strongest colors are the light green and pink.
  12. OMG! I'm in love!!!!!!!! Time to call my SA!

  13. Well thank you kindly, HLFINN, QM, and BAGGAHOLIC. I'm pretty much in love myself.

    Every time I look at the combo I think of Jordan almonds or easter M & Ms and get hungry!
  14. These scarves are gorgeous!
  15. So sorry for the delay! These are both mousses--sepia and the bright blue!
    hscarf 013_1.jpg hscarf 014_1.jpg