Pls Show Me Your New Vernis Pochette Cles...missing monogram?

  1. I just got new cles in Pomme.
    I'm gonna use it for coin/card case and one for my best friend who is new bride!

    Anyway I was checking the cles at the counter....and I found out something missing!
    Look at the pictures!
    The SAs didn't know and surprised...and then they were checking others but they had two different types.

    HOW's YOURS?
    I thought it's 1/1 in the world but it's not!!!
    Both of Made in Spain and same date code.'s funny[​IMG]

    0122v3.jpg 0122v4.jpg
  2. noe noelie,
    i think you should return the one without the print/engrave, it looks odd, but i know they don't really line the patterns anymore, but having no patterns at all is weird!
  3. you think so?
    the SAs showed me amarante and violette were some thing.
    Some of the cles get monograms and others are not.
    I don't care if they have many many misprint but if like only looks fake! I wanna see everyone's!
  4. when I was looking at the violette bellevue pm and gm .. I noticed that the bellevue PM LV embossing was MUCH lighter than the GM and you could hardly see the LV print on the vernis...maybe they have changed production methods????
  5. I saw bellvue PM was not deep emboss!
    and...look at my wallet!




    I have perle zippy. It was so flat!! I like deep one like this violette!
    0109FP1a.jpg 0109FP1b.jpg 0109FP2.jpg
  6. WOW they look different. I do like the deeper one in the Violette. I am picking up my Cles this weekend so we'll see what mine looks like. I want the pattern to go all the way up.
  7. My pattern goes all the way up to the top and is matched. I have the pomme one. I'd return the other one....just doesn't look right!
  8. I don't have the new Vernis Pochette Cles but I think you should return the one with the missing monogram... it looks weird. Was there another one that you can exchange for?
  9. OMG I got missing mono! Um I don't know how I feel about this

    oh and it's deep set on the front and shallow on the back umm freak or unique :shrugs:
  10. Oh I need to check mine for deep embossing or not!
  11. I just checked mine. It doesn't have it. Don't know if I can exchange it. I don't think my store has anymore:sad:
  12. thats weird. thanks for posting this and making us aware.
  13. Mine has the pattern, but it's deeply embossed on the front and shallow embossed on the back. Darn it!!! Now it's bugging me!
  14. I recently bought a Verni zippy (haven't taken pics yet because she is waiting for her sisters) and I checked the pattern. It is deeply embossed all the way around EXCEPT for the spine of the wallet (where it folds over). It is lighter embossed in the spine, but I think that may be due to how the leather and pattern must be at least a little compromised due to the strain of a permanent fold. Anyone else notice this?
  15. My new pomme cosmetics case is shallow embossed! I want deep so need to go look around.