pls show me your campeggios

  1. I'm not impressed by the bag stuffed, but I saw a tony web pic of someone wearing one not so stuffed and i think i'm in love. Anyone have pics of them wearing their campeggio not too stuffed? Thanks!
  2. I dont have a pic wearing it but here is my Inferno Campeggio with nothing inside... I LOVE IT!:tup:
  3. ohhh too cute!!! does it form to you like a ciao ciao would?
  4. ^^ Yes. I havent worn the Inferno yet but I have worn one in L'Amore and I just love it. It looks so well when you are wearing it! And when it isnt stuffed it does "hug" you a bit. It doesnt stick out or look awkward... Campeggio is my fav style... You should get one and worst comes to worst sell it if you dont love it..:yes:;)
  5. I don't have a pic of myself wearing my campeggio either but I'll agree that when it's not stuffed like crazy it does hug your body like a ciao ciao. I love campeggios :biggrin:
  6. i just whipped out my first campeggio to use today. i dunno..... i've got mixed feelings about it. i wish i had a CR ciao ciao instead. i didn't really feel like it *hugs* u the way a ciao ciao would, it felt more like the portage messenger bags i used to have. :shrugs:
  7. hmmm, i'm torn now. it looks like it hugs in a pic i saw on lucky mango's site.:confused1:
  8. maybe it didn't hug me bc i put more stuff in it than i normally put in my bags. i put in an umbrella, my porta with ds, the 6th harry potter book, and my usual bag clutter.

    the ciao ciao is a bit wider than the campeggio. u should see if they have one at a store and try it out before u decide. sometimes it's diff when u try it on with stuff u'll carry as opposed to seeing it in a pic.
  9. I love campeggio, its my favorite style of all. I dont put too much stuff in there but thats just cuz i dont have a lot to put in there. haha. I have a lamore campeggio and its gorgeous.

    I dont like ciao or ciao ciao. Ciaociao is too big, it wraps around you, dont like the feeling. ciao is too small.

  10. i love ur inferno campeggio and i cant believe you have not used it. haha...
  11. Maybe i'll pack the kids and see if my macy's still has the lamore campeggio to try on! thanks!
  12. Yeah I know but I was thinking of selling it and getting a Ciao Ciao. Because I LOVE the Inferno Campeggio but it doesnt have the vampire bunnies. Just their heads in the back and the body is cut off. But then again the printment in the front is AWESOME. So I am torn. That's why I havent used it yet....:hrmm::wondering:huh: But then again I just ordered an Inferno Bocce with the vampire bunnies so I'll prob just keep it... :yes:
  13. ok no toki at my macy's, but bloomingdales had some to try on. i guess i'm truly a ciao ciao girl. i prefer how it hugs better. i ended up with a spiaggia ciao ciao. hmmmm... do i keep it???
  14. ooooh post pics of the spiaggia!

    after using the campeggio all day, i am def. a ciao ciao girl too. too bad it'll be hard to find a CR to replace this one. :sad:

  15. yeah..i have a bv inferno and bambino inferno. I just would die for a campeggio. if you ever think about selling it..haha..u know who to pm. lolz