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  1. [​IMG]
  2. That's a couple of chins she sporting!!!LOL
  3. wow, she used to look really good! what happened....
  4. oh man, we all have bad pics captured, yes? Isn't she dating De Niro now?
  5. She cracks me up!
  6. Wow. Oh my goodness. What happened to the 'Look Who's Talking' days?

    If she is, thats awesome!
  7. is that before Jenny craig ?
    De Niro, I like him. He was pretty handsome when he was young....
  8. I think the chin is just fake guys. Meaning it was photoshopped in.
  9. De niro is married!!!!!
    but I use to think she was so pretty~!! very dark and vampy!
  10. [​IMG]

    This is from the MI:III screening on May 4th. She looks far better in this picture!
  11. Yeah, I think that must be an older picture before she lost all the weight on the Jenny Craig campaign. She looks muuuuuuuch better now! (More like your pic, twinkie)
  12. I think that's before Jenny Craig
  13. Perez Hilton and other gossip sites all carried that photo today. De Niro is happily married to his wife Grace. Jenny Craig is paying Kirsty a ton of money...what will be Kirsty's motivation when her contract is up and money is no longer her weight loss incentive?
  14. I mean Kirstie.
  15. I know, they said it happened this week. So who knows, but that looks ugly. I like your comment, money was a great incentive!:biggrin: