Pls recommend sweet colors!

  1. Hi hi... I'm out to get the hobo b. bag (The Day) and was wondering if you guys can suggest sweet/pastel colors that is out there, I already have a pale rose City. I usually wear jeans and would love a great hobo to match! It would be a great help! :yes: Thanks in advance!
  2. If you can find one I suggest the 04' turquoise.:love: I think it is just beautiful. Here is my city in this color:flowers:
  3. If you're looking for a Hobo, I suggest the sky blue. It's beautiful and seems to pop up on ebay quite often!
  4. a few days ago, there was a sky blue hobo at BNY.
  5. I was going to say the pale rose- but you already have it! LOL
  6. Oh, I would love sky blue or 04 turquoise! You can't go wrong with either! Both are beautiful!
  7. what about metallics? i heard in some hobo thread that they are some, are they not as nice in hobo style???
  8. Oh! The 04' turquoise looks absolutely yummy! A rare find, if I'm lucky! What's the difference between Sky Blue vs. Baby Blue/Ice Blue?

    Btw, thanks a lot guys, I'm planning to order the hobo end of this month!
  9. The ice blue is closer to white than blue and is very light. I have an ice blue and it goes really nicely with jeans :smile:
  10. I hope I'm correct with these:
    1) Ice Blue/Baby Blue 05 Pre-Fall
    2) Pale Rose (Christina Aguilera)
    3) Sky Blue (this must be the darker 05 Pre-Spring)

    Is the first one Ice Blue? Then if it is, I'm really loving it!!! Wholly molly, how cute the color is!

    Btw, does this mean The Day in "metallics" are not very fancied?
    5723_z.jpg cab37on.jpg PA140176_L.jpg
  11. I think they have an ice blue hobo at Bal NY. At least they did a week ago.
  12. Ice blue sounds like a perfect fit for you. They pop up on ebay too every now and then...
  13. Yeah the first 1 looks like ice blue to me!
  14. There is a metallic pale rose hobo on Ebay right now! Great price too :smile:

    You may want to double check with one of the experts about it's authenticity though.

    I would also recommend Calcaire for you. It is white with slight pink undertones. But I do love ice blue! I have a Ghost in that colour & it is gorgeous :smile:

    Let us know what you do!
  15. The ice blue sounds perfect for you! I heard that some styles were still avail at BNY.