pls recommand a sale or shop which can ship to overseas?

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  1. We dont have YSL store here and I really want to buy a muse 2 ( hope to looking for sale item) is there any shop or sales might be able to ship overseas?

    Thanks for all your help in the first place.
  2. I'm in the same boat!

    you can check out Raffaello-network and Styledrops, although their Muse 2 colours are somewhat limited
  3. you can actually use a forwarding service in the US that will forward your goods bought online or wherever in the US to Sydney. its pretty much a fee to "rent" an address and forward it to your real address.

    I'm not sure what their names are, but I'm sure if you search the forum, you'll find that a lot of people use these services.
  4. I know Saks will ship overseas if you buy through a SA instore. My SA recently shipped CLs to a buyer in Singapore.
  5. What about the British sites like,, Or other international sites like or Some of them don't have too many YSL bags right now because the sales are just ending, but they are restocking for spring.
  6. ships overseas.
  7. for harvey nicholas, you have to call the stores. the online store does not ship outside of the UK nor does it accept non-UK credit cards. i find it totally ridiculous....
  8. i was going to add Bluefly too (and they just had an extra 25% off designer accessories sale) but the muse two they had left was a gold muse 2 and a silver muse 2
  9. bluefly? let me check. thanks all. sometimes it is just hard to buy ysl or other brand in australia or nz.

    we only have 1 department store carry YSL with limited stock ( like 4-5? ) and very expensive price...
  10. ^^ I completely understand...

    I'm from Sydney and I could never find anything. I went to DJs when I was back in Sydney around Christmas to scope out their YSL collection and it was worse than dismal. They had one clutch and one Muse in their entire locked up glass case...

    I also suggest calling the YSL boutiques since they're having a sale on right now too around the world. Their numbers are listed on their website and I'm sure the deal with international orders. I'm in teh US right now and I've bought from boutiques in Europe when they didn't have the style in the US.
  11. Try They get YSL bags.