Pls. post your *size comparison pics* of any chanel bags here...

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  3. lov the thread,and your fantastic bags
  4. Pic 1: Vintage Jumbo (12") vs Vintage Jumbo XL (13.5")
    Pic 2: current shape Jumbo vs Vintage Jumbo
    Pic 3: current shape Jumbo vs Vintage Jumbo XL
    100_3037.JPG 100_3038.JPG 100_3033.JPG
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  6. 09P Royal Blue Caviar Jumbo - 08A Dark Silver 225 Reissue - 07P Gold Naked Flap


    225 Reissue inside the Naked Flap

    225 Reissue inside the Jumbo
  7. Wonderful thread. All the pics are beautiful and helpful. Thank you ladies.
  8. stark white silver hardware vs 09 ivory gold hardware...
    ivory vs white.jpg
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    I'd like to see jumbo, m/l and s/m in one picture! That would really help me out :smile:
  10. My contribution - comparison of the Maxi, Jumbo and Medium flap.
    IMG_0562.JPG IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0565.JPG
  11. This is such a great thread, fashion_gurl888! I still remember when I was new to Chanel... If there was such a thread back then, it would have helped me so much.

    My contribution: Comparison pics of my black caviar M/L ghw and E/W shw:



  12. Clearer photos:


  13. This thread is great! Thanks for posting ladies :tup:
  14. Any comparison shots of reissue 227 next to jumbos? I posted on another thread but realized it was better to put here for historical record:smile:
  15. These comparison pictures are so helpful! Thanks so much for posting!