Pls Post Wallet Pics! All designers

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  1. I have a TERRIBLE time finding a good wallet. I hate to put the money in the correct spot, and end up putting it in the coin part.

    I would love to see everyone's wallets and make or style
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    You should check out Orla Kiely's wallets. They're laminated canvas, super lightweight and mega durable. They're also super easy to get in and out of! :tup:

    Big Zip Wallet (hold 12 CC):
    Here are pictures of the inside of the Big Zip: Anthropologie - Orla Kiely

    Easy Wallet:

    Square Zip Wallet:

    The Big Zip wallet is the one I own and after 5 years it still looks brand new! :okay:
  3. My other problem is that I have about 30+ cards; most of them stupid. They are store discount cards (Sephora, Hallmark), gift cards, biz cards, and punch cards (Panera Coffee card). I wish stores would just do everything by phone number or email for their discount clubs.

    I have been keeping my "serious" stuff in a silver small card case. Which ends up being my DL, my credit, my debit, work credit, health card, and my biz cards. But all the store cards are taking over my Coach card case. I don't even have a spot for money (which I really don't use cash too much).
  4. this is one of my wallets it is a coach compact clutch and it holds a ton of stuff,Im like you and have a bunch of cards and i never filled this all the way.
  5. I'd keep my serious stuff in my wallet and put the store cards somewhere else. You probably aren't using them every day, right? Have you thought about moving your store cards to a mini-skinny or coin purse? You can fit a bunch of them in there in a tidy little stack and just fan through for the one you need before you go into whichever store.

    I use this Prada wallet right now, and I like it, but I had to really pare down what I keep in it. I got rid of all the stuff I was keeping that I didn't need and I keep my checkbook and my little stack of store cards in one bill compartment and money in the other.


    Now, if you really want a wallet with a million card slots and a ton of bill slots and pockets for carrying everything under the sun...:P...I recommend Fossil's leather long wallets. I carried this one for years and it still looks almost perfect. It has 7, yes seven, bill slots, a checkbook holder, a coin compartment, a place for your DL, 20 card slots, and a pen holder! :nuts: Why don't the designer brands make wallets with pen holders?! This old Fossil is far superior in function to any designer wallet I've owned and I also happen to think it's nice-looking as well. And it was only $40! I think I've talked myself into going back to it. :roflmfao:

  6. I have a small smithfield wallet by Mulberry. It's tiny, so I was a bit hesitant to buy it. The store manager convinced me I don't need to carry all my stuff in it, so I decided to give it a try. I love it!
    Mulberry Wallet 002.JPG
  7. Love my Tusk accordian clutch.

    - It holds 12 cards (though I double stack Nordie gifts cards over the store CC, etc) and multiple other slots, zipped pockets for storage

    - It's pretty enough to be used for a clutch

  8. thanks.

    All of the suggestions have been great! I will try to post pics of what I have now. I lean toward "smaller" wallets----which is probably my problem. I def keep all my junk cards away from my good ones. I really like the Marc Jacobs Zip clutch...seems like you could just jam a bunch of stuff in it. My new bag is pretty small, so I'm gunna be limited.

    The wallet in the silverly-gold color, I love that color
  9. I've been using my LV MC Pochette lately. It is very roomy and holds a lot of stuff. I just cleaned it out so it looks kinda bare lol I guess I like it messy! There is a place to hold 4 cards in the front and 6 inside. There is a roomy zip coin pouch and two roomy slots for money or receipts. This comes in other colors as well. Makes a great clutch also I can fit my cell inside.


  10. i uploaded my pics on my profile....but i guess you have to use photobucket to post them in the thread?
  11. Here are a few of mine that have tons of room. Balenciaga 04 light turquoise compagnon, Bal magenta money wallet and an MbyMJ wallet.
    04 compagnon 007.JPG juicy boots 013.JPG juicy boots 018.JPG mjtrade 001.JPG mjtrade 002.JPG