Pls keep the hands away from the Choo!

  1. Have you ever had anyone grap your bag before? How do you react? Is there a polite way to say keep your grubby hands off my bag?

    I have carried my ramonas/mahalas, etc. with no problems and other than positive comments no one has ever touched my bag.

    I took the Saba out for a test drive at Short Hills today and I had positive comments and was feeling good until someone grabbed the bag and starting stroking it to feel the suede. :cursing: Huh-- never had this happen. Then I am in Saks and the Sa reaches out and touches it and it is like wtf?- you should know better.:tdown:

    I was so flabbergasted I didn't know what to say. I am still pretty :wtf:
    I shouldn't let it bother me, but it did. But maybe I am just being paranoid. I guess I need to protect it with something, but what?
  2. Your situation reminds me of my friend who was pregnant, and people would go up to her and feel her belly. She would be taken back everytime, but she could never think of what to say to them. On one hand, they mean her no harm; on the other hand, it is really awkward. So, she did this: whenever she sees someone reaching out for her belly, she would pretend to cough and back up a few steps.

    Sorry I don't have a solution for you, (unless you want to do the cough-and-back-up strategy) but good luck!
  3. Really!?! Ask Stinkerbelle...she will let you know what to say!:hysteric:
  4. You know, in a situation like that I honestly don't know what I would say! Because I am uber protective of all things suede, so for anyone to be getting their body oils on MY suede anything.....especially a Choo? I think not! :push:

    Now Mick would probably tell you to carry a portable rocket launcher with you and as soon as you sense someone is about to make direct contact with your bag, you let 'em have it! :death:

    Meeowy's pregnancy story reminded me of my daughter who can be a bit of a beyotch...a "bit"...I just made myself laugh! :roflmfao: Anyway, when women come up to her and ask her if they can feel her stomach, she says "sure, if I can feel yours". Stops 'em in their tracks every time! :tup:

  5. youze guys don't carry one in your handbags for just these type of sitchs? :shrugs:
    well, ya oughta try like a charm...:okay:

    lionlaw-i'd tell you to take it as a compliment bc your choo is so :supacool:, peeps can't keep their grubby paws off it....but, i appreciate it may be annoying....sorry this happened.
    i shop at short hills too! i live in south central jersey....great place, well, except when other shoppers are malling you, i guess.:p
  6. I haven't had anyone reach out for my bags, but geez, I don't know what I would say either :cursing:. Some people just have no manners.

    Gosh, I love your daughter Stinkerbelle!! I'll have to use that the next time someone wants to pat my belly! More often people always want to pat/rub my son's head. He has that fuzzy, sticks-straight-up-like-Sputnik Asian hair. But whenever someone gets within like 2 feet of him, their hands reach out to his head like a magnet and rub it like a genie in a bottle :cursing:. I seriously bathe him every day and wash his hair every day because of it...
  7. Bonnie, your son sounds absolutely adorable!! I LOVE that type of hair on little boys! My girls were pert near bald till they were, I don't know, it seemed like 14! :upsidedown:

    My DD is almost the polar opposite of me personality wise....she puts up with nothing while I'm more of a grin and bear it kind of gal. But I don't blame her, it seemed it was happening a lot to her with women wanting to touch her stomach (she looks like she's carrying a basketball, she's all stomach!), and that was soooo not gonna happen with her! :nogood:
  8. Mick-- another jersey girl!! small world in the Choo forum. I live in Northern NJ near morristown. I love short hills and have never had an issue like this before. Usually the folks are so uppity (can y'all tell I am originally from the south?) that they keep to themselves but not today. I think there must be something in the water.
  9. Stinker, your daughter is a riot. :lol: If I ever quit working long enough to have kids I am going to steal that line since it is priceless.

    Do you treat your suede handbags or leave them au natural?
  10. ok, i know the area where you live. you are much closer than i to the shm, but it is the nicest mall in jersey, so i drive about an hour to shop there. i can't wait to see the choo store there as i am a new fan and have never been.;) next trip, i'll stop in.
    and you are right, most shm shoppers are so NOT a touchy feel bunch...:p
  11. Hey Girls, I'm originally from NJ-Morris County and made frequent visits to SHM. My husband use to call it the mother ship. I've been in NC for a year now and I totally miss that mall. We have a nice one here called South Park but no Choo store or Bloomingdale's, higher sales tax and sales tax on almost everything!

    I don't know what I would do if someone went to cop a feel of my bag. I'm so meticulous with my designer stuff but knowing me, I'm too nice - I'd probably just let them do it and smile. Then I'd walk away rolling my eyes saying "wacko" under my breath.
  12. OOOHhhh, I hate people doing that. Never know quite what to say either. And yep, it totally reminds me of being pregnant. People should keep their hands to themselves!
  13. hey cathryn, do you make it back to nj much at all now?:shrugs:
    and my bf calls the shm something else. but there are children on ths forum, so i'll watch my language....ha!:p
  14. lionlaw, I had a SA at Saks reach across the counter and pick up my bag and place it on her side of the counter and then proceed to give it a thorough inspection:wtf: I was really floored! I was mildly freaking out scanning the sales desk for any stray pens!

    I guess you know now that your Saba is going to inspire petting. When someone goes for your bag, use lightning quick reflexes and shift the bag so it is out of stroking distance:graucho:

    Stinkerbelle, your daughter has the right idea! Good for her. She exhibits the nerve I wish I had! Congratulations on a grandbaby on the way!!! First?

    Bonnie, I hear you! It used to really upset me when random people would grab my babies hands or stroke their hair. Good news is that it does not happen so much now they are 4 and 8.
  15. Now THAT would freak me out!! :wtf: What's wrong with people? Sheesh....