pls. identify this bag

  1. It's called the Quinn bag, I believe they were released in '04. They come in three sizes of the hobo size, small, medium, and large. There is also a satchel with one pocket in the front, and another shoulder I believe with one pocket in the front. Very cute bags, I'm searching for the elusive eggplant colored medium or large hobo... I have the small in barn red but it's too small, better for nights out where you don't need to carry much. The only other complaint with the small size is that the handles attach from the bottom of the bag, so it tends to squish up as you're carrying it. But I think if it was a medium or large it wouldn't be such a bother.

    The auction that you're looking at is the medium size.

    Be careful, per vogue's ebay page there were fake Quinns made. Check to see if the zipper say lampo.
  2. thank you thithi!

    U own barn red??! :nuts: oh it is my dream to own that color...the pics of that bag are soooo smart and stunning. U got the BEST color for this style IMHO!!! But yea, i understand your search for medium...

    do you think the medium will slouch too? i'm hoping not too much (i already own the super slouchy round hobo).

    and lampo = fake-o, right? i cant believe fakes are out on this one.
  3. Thanks so much for the compliment! I love the color of the bag, but it does drive me crazy that it squishes up. It makes the contents of the bag spill out easily if I leave the zipper open. Because of that reason I don't use it very much. :sad: I think the medium would solve this problem.

    Lampo is the correct zipper for this bag. Make sure it's the correct symbol, I've seen bad fakes of the Lampo zipper.

    Good Luck, if I see any, I will certainly let you know.. and let me know if you see an eggplant! :nuts:
  4. Good to know :yes:
  5. hi thithi...

    You know i think it was your pic at the forum that made me fall in love w/this particular bag. When it came out, I really didnt even think much of the quinn.

    thanks for the heads up on the lampo. also, thanks for the link...i did see that item, but looking for medium like u. :graucho: sigh, that barn red medium quinn is a dreamer. :tender: That link looks large. trust me, i almost want bid just for the color....however, i already own the stella and it's just sooooo heavy (i actually dread carrying it! lol!!!)

    hope this is authentic eggplant medium....(i tried copy n'paste for linking, but it wont work!): item #13001223951

    just type the # into the search box. :smile:

    good luck!!! :biggrin:
  6. The Quinn Bag comes in two sizes,. The normal is great for A medium under Shoulder Bag with great detail and shape!
    The large is very Hobo with no structure what so ever foe the Shoulder Strap pulls from the bottom of the Bag.
  7. Yikes, I can't pull up the auction. I typed the numbers in but nothing is popping up. Is it the one by RJC? I'm trying to avoid paying that price.. There was a few up last month and I kept getting outbid by the same person on all the bags! But the ending price was still significantly lower than what RJC is selling it for.