pls. identify this bag (it looks mj-ish)

  1. First of all i apologize if this isnt a mj looks mj-like to me w/the happy color and chunky hardware. :shame:

    What is the full name of the very top right light greenish bag? year released?

    Photo from an ebayer's 'about me' page.

    thank you in advance!

  2. ^^I can't see the pic.:sad: Can you try posting again?
  3. oops! Thanks for letting me know. here it is (hope this works):

  4. Good news - I can see the pic now.:yes:

    Bad news - I don't know what the green bag is. :Push: My first thought is it's not MJ but I'm still a newbie so I could very well be wrong. Give it a little while and one of the lovely experts on this forum can tell you for sure.
  5. I can't see any of the pictures.
  6. hi Cheryl, hehe...i am a newbie too in bags and living in cowtown doesnt help me out much either. thanks for letting me know about the pics. ita this might not be mj b/c of the design. it kind of looks like miu miu cofferish with less "brain matter". ;)

    Bag.lover, here's the link of the pic: eBay View About Me for tennisix. it's in the first pic and is the light green satchel in the very top right side. apologies for the pics acting up.
  7. I think the green bag is a feragamo bag.
  8. picture from tPF/Bagpuss
  9. Ferragamo Marissa Bag-great bag!