Pls Identify Michelle Williams Chanel

  1. hi ladies im really loving the bag michelle williams toted to the oscars :heart: is this a clutch ? anyone know how much this retails and if this is still available ? tia
    79935_18_122_202lo.jpg 79944_20_122_190lo.jpg
  2. It's so hard to tell with her hand over the clasp. I know they made a patent black reissue in a clutch, but I haven't seen this beige one before.
  3. it might just be a mini flap with the chains hidden?
  4. i think your right jen :smile: is the chain removable on the mini flap?
  5. I don't know but I just wanted to say that her dress is hideous and her haircut is cute.
  6. I thought thats the regular flap bag and she just hid the chains inside. I did that sometimes when I go out. :smile:
  7. I don't think it's the flap with chain hidden... I thought it was the flap at first, but in the second picture you see the bag from the top and there aren't any "chain holes". I only have two flaps, but both have the chains coming out of holes at the top of the bag.
    But the back pouch (as seen in the second pic) is usually found on flaps, so...?