Pls bangle watch by angelina jolie at mr&mrs smith movie

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  1. Hi! i am new mostly at handbags forum!

    i love most treasured is my omega constellation automatic (2 tone, mother-of-pearl face) and 1st edition Tag Huear alter ego matte finish with black face.

    im dead curious on angelina's bangle watch at mr.&mrs. smith...i dont think its a gucci.

    pls help me identify it. TIA tons:heart:
  2. post some pics for reference....your input will be greatly appreciated:smile:
    smith3.jpg smith4.jpg
  3. Wow...that pic is so tiny, but on the first one it looks like it could even be a slim gold vintage watch. I have one from my great grandmother and that was my first thought when I saw that pic. Not sure...can you get a closer pic?
  4. i have to wait for dh to fix this. i really love this watch...hope i can get this one.

    thanks kellybag:smile:
  5. It does look like a Gucci bangle watch (the all gold version of those bamboo bangle watches), but I'm not entirely sure either. Good luck!
  6. Yea, I does look like the Bamboo line from Gucci.....not sure if they are still making it or not.......
  7. thanks kellybag, SuLi & Dunhill98:smile: appreciate your help tons!:heart:

    i initial assessment is correct:s dh will be thrilled! how will i say it....i like gucci as a handbag (got my suede hobo for 7 yrs now). i am very conservative with watches...especially those that cost $$$...i like some watchmaking tradition behind the watch....not a brand stamped in a swiss watch.

    i wonder if there are any simple gold bangle watches made by a traditional swiss watch!!!:wondering