Pls ID these flap skins!

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    pink-bmp-Thumbnail1_580x435.jpg Chanel-20Red-20Alligator-2--JPG-Thumbnail1_580x435.jpg grey-bmp-Thumbnail1_580x435.jpg
  2. The top one is ostrich. The far left is python (I think). Not sure on the other 2.
  3. that silvery grey reissue is croc, i think!
  4. the pink and grey look like croc.
  5. What are the models / styles called--Reissue? Classic Flap? 2.55?
  6. Ostrich on top, then python, croc, croc.

    Can help you with the names. They have VERY few bags made in exotic skins compared to how many leather bags they have. Just call and ask what they have in exotics and then check the reference sub-forum for shape. Good luck! I'm a HUGE fan of exotics!
  7. Unfortunately my country has no Chanel boutique so can't call :sad: