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  1. I just received my chain large hobo with horsebit detail in white trim from the outlet. i bought it since the price is 50% from the original but the bag looks too big for me.I'm 5' and skinny. What do you think, i will keep it? I'm very new to this forum, hope to hear from you guys. thank you!
  2. try to post a picture, and if you are not 100% sure, I will thinking about exchange it from another option
  3. If you bought it from the outlet:

    Outlets: ALL Sales Final - NO Returns/Exchanges on items purchased at the outlet.
  4. I didn't know you could return them from the outlet, I thought only the Net site or the stores bought at full price.
  5. Yup, unfortunately all sales final at the outlet.

    You'll have to either live with it or sell it...
  6. Yeah unfortunately no returns at the outlets. BTW what outlet was this? I didnt know they had large chain horsebit hobos.hmm
  7. thank you all for the reply. i think i'll just keep it now.the more i'm looking and trying it often,i surely will love's classic ,i love the style.
  8. wow you got the white trim from the outlet? I think thats a good score.
  9. hope that u will enjoy the bag!:smile: