Pls help with *very important* boot decision

Oct 14, 2008
I took the plunge on designer jeans last year and now I can't stop. Before I did, I came to this board for help, so I figure I should do the same for shoes :smile:

I have my eye on these Frye boots:

Veronica Slouch in dark brown:

I think I'll mostly wear them with skinny jeans and maybe this purchase will get me wearing skirts in the winter?
However I live in Seattle and the city is a little short on shopping options. So I need help.


1. Can you ladies help me figure out how they compare to the Melissa button?

2. Is this boot too "costumey"?

3. I am 5'3". Am I crazy to think this boot will look good on me? I have a habit of making stupid impulse purchases that actually don't suit me at all :sad:

4. What is the sizing like? I've read it's too small, too big, perfect for wide calves?
I found a grey 6.5 in a Nordstrom, and the calf was actually okay for my scrawny legs. I thought a 7 would be okay and I will order online, but now I don't know.

5. Any owners care to comment on comfort? I read the Carson is unbelievably comfortable?

ooooh I really want them!! I don't need them? But boy do I want them.
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Jan 26, 2007
My friend just bought these exact boots, and she is very happy with them. They aren't as slouchy as they look in photos, which is a good thing IMO. She wore them straight out of the box and has had no complaints. I have also tried them and they are very light. She is tall but has very thin calves so I don't think they will be too big on you in the calf area. HTH!


Jul 31, 2006
I bought and returned the Veronica Slouch in another color, I have not tried the Melissa style because I have the opposite problem (big calves).
- I ordered half a size up in the Veronicas, but I wanted to wear them with thicker socks. If you want to wear thin or no socks, or like your shoes to fit snugger, I'd say order them true to size.
- As for your height, I think it's more about your leg length proportions. I'm taller but have shorter legs, so I didn't think these were as flattering on me. Just because you're 5'3" doesnt mean they won't look good on you!
- I had the Veronica in grey and the leather is very slouchy, IMO - the shafts didn't fall down while wearing them, but you can push them down - that's how slouchy the leather was (at least in the grey). I think this style looks more "tough" while the Melissa is more of a riding (equestrian) look.

Fryes are well made and both styles are great so you won't go wrong with either! Good luck with your decision!


Oct 16, 2009
I've never tried on the Veronicas, so I can't help with that, but I did buy a pair of Melissa Buttons. I chose them because I thought that they could be dressed up a bit more than the Veronicas, but you can also wear them very casually. Also, since the Melissa Buttons don't have any buckles on them, I thought that they may be more classic. I could be completely wrong on both accounts though! They're both great boots, and I don't think you can go wrong with either!
Oct 14, 2008
Alright I'm taking the plunge on the Veronicas in dark brown! Thanks everyone so much for your input!!

I managed to find a local store with the Melissa's and they were really too tall for me. I *loved* the color and the style... but from the back it looked like I had stepped into someone else's - a 6 ft tall rider? - shoes and was trying to get out :-o

I'm a little concerned that these aren't a classic style so maybe I'll get sick of them next year? But lets see!

Thanks again!!