Pls help with my new baby

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  1. I bought this Monogram Mat piece second hand and noticed that it has a little crack. Now I am afraid to use you think it will tear any further? Should I go to LV and ask them what they can do (while I suppose it would be hard to repair...)? :crybaby:
    LV mat tear.jpg LV mat.jpg
  2. It *might* tear a bit more over time even with gentle use, I would definitely take it to the store to see what they can do about it :yes:
  3. it couldn't hurt to ask at your local boutique, they surely can evaluate the damage better :yes:

    beautiful bag, btw, love the Monogram Mat :love:
  4. thanks, so I will try and ask them what they can do. It's a shame, I don't even remember this bag's name!
  5. it's a Fowler :flowers:
  6. :sad: Sorry about that... yes definitely let LV have a look at it. BTW it's called Fowler I believe. Good luck!:yes:
  7. :P You beat me Kittie LaRoche:flowers:
  8. I'm sorry :flowers:
  9. Oh,no no don't's:supacool:
  10. thanks, now I know how to refer to it at the shop :biggrin:
  11. Hey, just noticed that you're from good ol' Germany as well :idea:

    Do you have store close by? If not, I'd call their customer service in Düsseldorf :yes:
  12. oh how nice :biggrin: but I live in Frankfurt, so it's just around the corner. I'll report what they think as soon as I manage to bring the bag there...
  13. lucky you :yes: I hope you'll get it all sorted out

    The nearest LV for me is an hour away in D'dorf. Bad luck for me, GREAT luck for my credit card *g* :angel:
  14. Best of luck, I hope store can fix it for you..It's such a gorgeous bag..
  15. Aw. I hope that there is something they can do...good luck, it is a pretty bag!
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