Pls help with my MC white speedy...

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  1. Hi My Fellow Multicolors!!

    I need some assurance please..... I brought my White speedy in to have the front pocket replaced cause the glue that they used the first year the bag came out was not very good and the front pocket is ruined.

    The color started coming through they told me this is normal and that they have now changed it and no longer use the glue. It has been 2 weeks now and I'm so very very nervous! The front pockets were a beautiful pink/purple Lv letter colors I told the sales person to plzzzz make sure they dont change the colors in front of the pocket.

    Do they normally change colors on repairs?? I wont be able to have any peace of mind til I get my bag back!

    If anyone knows please let me know. Its the first time I brought a bag in for repairs.

  2. If you post on the LV forum, you will get a lot more help and responses from those LV gurus.
  3. You told them that you want to keep 'your' colors. If they change it, I would complain.

    Could a mod move this to the LV-forum? :flowers:
  4. Ok! Thanx for ur help! I will try to move this Lol...