PLS HELP!! which leather jacket should i keep?


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
I've worked for a canadian leather designer while I was in University and IMO fit the shoulders first and if its a calf leather it'll stretch .5 inches in the right places and if its lamb up to an 1.5 where its tight
oh, great info. thanks for sharing....then this would be a keeper:yahoo:
I vote black as well. And I wouldn't size up if the shoulders fit... these jackets are meant to look slightly shrunken and figure hugging.

I know the discount on the RO is a good deal, but just so you know, RO boutiques and other RO stockists discount his stuff every season. My friend got the gold metallic on sale last season and I got a black one with a slightly longer back on sale this season (there were around 10 other jackets there, including the leather + shearling one). If you check the NYC boutique or Luisaviaroma on the first day of sales, chances are you'll find a good deal there. It's better you hold out and wait for a RO you really like, than purchase one just because it's a bargain.


Mar 15, 2007
Wow, that black one is gorgeous on fits you so well, much better than the RO.
So.....even though it's a great price, you look so much better in the All Saints!


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
Wow I'm alone here but I think the bronze is stunning - never mind it's a RO.

I have 2 AS leather jackets that I love so I rate All Saints very highly but there is no comparison - I can see the bronze is better leather and better made from just a couple of photos. And yes, most of their clothes always come up small.

If I had to send 1 back it would be the black AS- you will ALWAYS be able to buy a black leather motor-bike jacket. Buy one that fits you and makes you look fabulous not the OK.


Dec 15, 2009
The black one is sooooooooo gorgeous on you. The real question is if they were both the same price and same brand (cause really, who cares in the end? a name brand or price tag really doesnt affect the fit, style or look of an item) which one would you have chosen? The answer is black. so thats the one you should stick with.

A deal is only worthwhile if you love it.