PLS HELP!! which leather jacket should i keep?

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  1. hi ladies,

    i need your help to decide which leather jacket to keep.

    the black one is from Allsaints and the metallic bronze is from rick owens. i love them both...i feel the black one looks better (but i need a bigger size..the body is bit too tight but the shoulders fit). but this RO jacket is 65% off and i feel so torn to decide. they both look fine but i feel the black one might be more versatile in terms of color and the cut.
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. sorry...not sure why it won't let me post more than 1 picture at a time...
    last pic[​IMG]
  6. keep the black one
  7. I like the black better too.
  8. Well, you definitely seem to want the black one more, but the bronze is certainly a deal.

    I would say keep the black for sure, black is so much more versatile and timeless than bronze! Also, the black fits better, IMO. Let us know what you decide!
  9. I think the black looks much better. It is very flattering on you!
  10. When I first saw your thread, I thought RO for sure, but after seeing the pics, definitely the black one. I wouldn't get a bigger size, that one fits PERFECTLY. Besides, it will give a bit and mold to your body after you wear it a few times.
  11. Another vote for black.
  12. Black!
  13. thanks ladies....keep it coming.
    i am just think RO is such a deal...should i just let it go....
    but i am keeping the black one for sure now....but still debating if i should get a size bigger, i am afraid if the shoulder doesn't look right then the whole look would be off as well. i think that's the whole reason i don't buy online that often...the back and forth shipping/waiting is killing me.
    thanks again for your opinions!! :tup:
  14. I've worked for a canadian leather designer while I was in University and IMO fit the shoulders first and if its a calf leather it'll stretch .5 inches in the right places and if its lamb up to an 1.5 where its tight
  15. I love the black one! I know you got a great deal for the Rick Owens but the black one looks better on you and you'll probably reach for it more, IMO
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