Pls help w/ my search for a belt/necklace

  1. I'm searching for a Chanel belt but something I could also wear as a necklace. Any ideas suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I just got this at Saks. I am borrowing the pic from Mon though (hope you don't mind). It fits as a belt too.
  3. Aprilvalentine - thats gorgeous!
  4. Thank you! Mon deserves all the credit though. I saw her post & pic one morning and was dialing up Saks before I even had my coffee. :smile:
  5. omg, I saw like 5 at my Saks tonight that were STUNNING! I have no idea what the names of the collections are or anything though, I wish I could have taken pics!! I remember one had little turtle charms dangling off in silver with lots of beads. I couldn't allow myself to look for long because of the price tag.
  6. Any idea how much?
  7. I think it was around $1,100. All of the necklaces/belts start at around $700 and go up from there.
  8. I bought this one as well as a few members on the forum. I don't know if they are still available, but you can check-
    They come in white like I have and black. And each color comes in two sizes/lenghts
    DSC00077.JPG DSC00078.JPG DSC00079.JPG DSC00080.JPG DSC00076.JPG

  9. That's EXACTlY what I was looking for. I'm not really a pearl person. May I ask the price? Any chance you have a style number? Thanks
  10. I got this one from Chanel at Tysons in April. I don't have the style info at work, but when I get home I could PM it to you..
    It was 270 plus tax came to 283.50.
    If you want to try call 703-847-0264 and see if they have one or can find you one.
    I love it. I just need to take picutres when I am wearing it as a belt..
  11. I have this in white as well. It comes in black too. Style number is A26978YO2019 and it comes like 5 sizes, starts at 75 and goes up to 100, depending on your waist size and or wear you like to wear your belt. I wear my belts lower on the hips so I get a size bigger. The SA can help you find the right size. Good luck
  12. Thank yoU!
  13. You guys are the best! I found it. Wasn't sure of the sizing though... I'm a 28/29 in jeans or anywhere from a 4-8 depending on the pants. Got the 90 any idea if this is going to work?
  14. The 90 will be perfect for you. Big around the waist, but nice on the hips and great for the necklace part. congrats. Did you get white or black?

  15. I got white. Figured it would show up more against black clothes. Any chance you have pics wearing it as a belt????;)