Pls Help w/ A "0" Feedback Buyer

  1. I clearly state in my eBay listing that bidders w/ 0 feedback need to contact me before bidding. A 0 feedback bidder and newbie ebayer just bought my item w/out contacting me first. I have sent her e-mails and have not had a response or payment yet. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait out the 7 days?
  2. Give her 1-2 days and if she still hasn't paid by the 3rd day, send her a gentle reminder.

    BTW, 99% of my zero FB buyers never contact me prior to bidding either although the request is clearly stated on my listing.....

  3. You have the right to cancel her bid and make a second chance offer if there were any other bidders. The same thing constantly happens to me and I usually get a response as soon as I state that I am under no obligation to complete the transaction...give her a day to respond and see what happens.
  4. So I can cancel her bid even though she won and was the only bidder? I will give her another day but I am highly doubtful about her. I won't get in trouble w/ eBay for cancelling it?
  5. I am going through the same thing right now. I stated in my auction that anyone with less than 2 feedback needs to email me. Well, I contacted eBay after the jerk with 0 feedback came at the wayyy end of my auction and won it. Ebay says that I have to wait the full 7 days to report them as a non paying bidder. Defeats the whole purpose, basically, for asking for bidders to contact me! Although I have had nice bidders contact me before so..

    Anyway this whole situation sucks, I've been waiting for payment since Friday. I sent a reminder yesterday but I knew from the very end of my auction I wasn't getting paid. I guess I have no choice but to wait until Friday & report a npb. Hope it works out for you!
  6. Oh man that sucks! I figured I would have to wait the full 7 days. UGH!!
    Thank you for letting me know this...I think:crybaby: