Pls help twiggy or city


Sep 29, 2006
I really need a black bag and am trying to decide between the twiggy and city.How much can fit in a city???I really dont like big bags and also not too small.My decision would be much easier if there were B boutique where i am but unfortunately there are none.I have decided will order from luisaviaroma.Please help me it will be my first balenciaga bag.
CITY! I love the size of a City. My first bbag was a black First and I thought it was too small. With a City you can carry the basics (wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, agenda, phone) and still be able to fit in a magazine or cardigan.

I've never owned a twiggy so I can't say how much it would fit but it is smaller than a City. Here is a link that might help as well:

Buying a new bag is so exciting! Have fun!
I returned my Twiggy - I think the worn-in slouchy ones look great when carried by the handles or the crook of the arm, but i don't like how they look [well, on me at least lol] on the shoulder - it looked like a duffel bag

With that said, I think the City is perfection. i do not like big bags & must say this is perfect. It looks wonderful when it's not really full as it slouches really beautifully :heart: I absolutely love mine. I don't think you'd be disappointed with a gorgeous black city.
I am LOVING my black twiggy
I think it's a great size, the handles fit more easily over your shoulder than a city
Yes, with the shoulder strap it is kind of a weird shape, but, for me, it's an easier bag to use, not so deep.
I felt the Twiggy was quite a bit bigger than my First. I feel it holds almost the same as the City - it's just a different shape - it's very log & not very deep. It fits alot, def. more than the First.
IMO the city really is a perfect size. I don´t like big bags as well and I got to try the city for the first time in the store where I bought it (I´m really fortunate because a store which sells BAL´s is only about 10 minutes away from my house). That was only last friday by the way. I got a city in anthracite which is also my advice for you as a color. It goes with everything a black bag goes with as well but I think the color is so much more interesting! You can always get a black bag! Concerning the size I was surprised how it looked on my shoulder because I think it looked bigger on the pic´s I´ve seen. It is not too big at all.
I have been looking at the pictures and i must say i love the shape of the Twiggy but am not so sure but the First looks too small for me and the city a little too big.I'm leaning more on the Twiggy but have not made up my mind yet.
I love the Twiggy!!! It fits a ton of stuff (way more than the first, because of the shape) and it fits over the shoulder much more easily! I wear mine pretty much every day. Good luck with your decision!
i also have struggled with the city vs twiggy and have owned both styles. i love both, but i suppose it's a matter of what shape you prefer. twiggy is log or duffel shaped but doesn't appear that way unless you stuff it to the brim. it slouches really nicely and especially when broken in. handles fit over the shoulder much easier than the city. perfect size for day and casual nights. city is more rectangular-shaped but slouches nicely when broken in. perfect size for day, but i've used mine for casual evenings as well. hth! :smile: