Pls help: torn between Damier and Mono Cles!

  1. Yes, I don't know which one to get. I read approx. every article on the cles as such and figured that some of you use it as a wallet, which I intend to do too if I can fit everything in...:angel:

    I just don't know which one to buy since I already have quite a few Mono items and don't want to be boring. On the other hand, a mono cles will match most of my LV items nicely...

    what's your advice?
  2. Buy the Groom Cles but if you want a real wallet go for the Groom Pochette Wallet.
  3. I don't know if that's still available! If I had the $$$ to buy a "real" wallet at the moment, I would go for the portemonnaie simple in epi though.
  4. The groom wallet is available at elux right now! Hurry if you want it! They usually pop out now and then so just be vigilant
  5. I'm in the exact same boat as you Angelblake! I am trying to decide between the Mono and Damier cles... and plan on using it as a wallet since it's small and compact (and I don't have the funds for a real LV wallet right now).

    I don't like the Groom style (please don't start sending me nasty email Groom :heart: ers! Just my personal opinion! They are cute but just not worth it w/the meager funds I have available...)

    So I'd love to hear pros and cons of the Mono vs Damier as well! I have all Mono and Denim bags... no Damier yet... but want to get something in Damier.

    Is it better to have the cles match? Does the Damier match the Mono well?
  6. unfortunately (or luckily?) they don't ship to europe :sad: :sad:

  7. My red groom wallet is absolutely my favorite accessory. Love it! :love:
  8. i did not see originally that you are in Germany! Forget my mail above!
  9. nice that someone else has the same "problem" :biggrin:

    I've already been dreaming twice (!!) about the cles-issue.

    I've just seen the Damier once irl but I think it doesn't match the Mono very well. It seems much brighter and of a completely different hue...but maybe I shouldn't care and still buy my first Damier piece?
  10. Well come to think of it if you just need to use this as a wallet, why not consider these: they are priced more or less around the cles.

    [​IMG]Mini Pochette Accessoire $215.00

    [​IMG]Monogram Multiclés Rabat$210.00

    I think these items are much bigger than the mono or damier cles
    Just a thought!
  11. thanks, I've considered the mini pochette too...but I think for my purpose it's too big. I want something as small as possible (I'm on the "small trip" or something...*g*)
  12. well think you shouldn't buy a cless. You will neven stop wanting a real wallet. Save for it and get it when you have the money
  13. i actually have neither but if i were you i'd get a mono since you said you mostly own mono bags. mono cles is such classic! plus you could always get a damier cles later when you have decent damier collection. just my two cents!
  14. hmmmm i would go for the mono cles if you are strictly considering the cles.
  15. I guess that would be reasonable, but somehow I'm in need of a LV fix...:graucho: