Pls help to find my bubble quilt flap!

  1. Hi ladies,
    Newbie here! Can anyone tell me more about this Chanel bubble quilt bag?
    size, color, leather, chain..etc
    I know it's from few seasons ago. Is it still possible to get this bag?
    I am totally fall in love with this bag.
    Help me please.
  2. it's still available in Saks :yes:
  3. i saw this at the chanel boutique at NM in beverly hills the other week, give them a call.
  4. The New Orleans Saks still has a few bubble quilt pieces
    Try Rhoda and tell her Jeanne sent you
    504-524-2200 ext 5355/5356
  5. Thank you very much ferociousjeanne(Jeanne), msjenn, Classic Chic.
    I would love to be at Saks right now and grab this bubble quilt.

    However I live in Asia (Bangkok, Thailand). I have checked with two Chanel Boutiques here but these bags are sold out due to limited number & as they are seasonal items. They offered me to check with other Chanel boutiques in neighboring counties. I hope I will get a good new soon.
    If not, I have to ask my friend in US to chase it for me.

    Is anyone in Chanel tPF live in Hong Kong and saw this bag recently?

    Have a nice day ladies!

  6. Hi there natmongkol, I'm from Singapore. My SA at Neiman Marcus at San Antonio told me a couple of days ago that they have this bubble quilt small flap in the light beige. You can email her/call her and she can process the sale via phone/email. Shipping is $50 and you have to pay the taxes incurred in your Thailand. Let me know if you want to contact her.
    The bag is really cute!!! :tup:
  7. This bag is the size of a medium/large flap around 10"x6". It's made from lambskin and is puffy. The hardware is a matt gold I think. The one in your pic is dark beige, i think.
    Hope that helps
  8. I have this bag in jersey grey. I bought it in Manchester, UK. The SA told me it is limited edition and that it was cruise. Seems strange as it is grey - but I absolutely love the colour of it as I wear a lot of muted colours.

    Did you eventually find the brown leather bubble quilt you were looking for? Hope you did! Its a lovely bag! If not, keep an eye out for this style in jersey like mine