Pls help to authenticate this MJ STAM...

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  1. I'm new to the purse forum and I apologised if I've done anything the wrong way.
    I love bags more than anything in the world and recently,I bought a MJ Stam for USD$400.
    Can someone please help me and tell me if it is authentic?I can't help but feel fishy abput the whole deal coz as a seller myself,I would not like to sell it at such a low price when I bought over $1K for it!!You know what I mean?
    The seller claimed she's sent it to to get the bag authenticated for a fee of $20 (paid by seller)
    Perhaps it's a real deal given she's such a nice seller and veru cooperative in many ways and I'm just being paranoid,but still I like to get ASSURANCE....
  2. Hi, and welcome to the purse forum. You'll find lots of us LOVE bags, so feel free to join in our madness.

    As for your listing, I'm sorry to say that this bag is fake. The serial tag, nameplate, and suede are all incorrect. This is a very commonly faked bag and many buyers fall for this fake. My suggestion is to contact your seller and to ask for a return. Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

    Also, next time, please post any authenticity questions in the "Authenticate this" thread sticky at the top of the forum. It helps keep the board uncluttered.
  3. Hi
    Thanks for your help and I'm the process of requesting a refund from the seller.Anyway,I still don't know where to go to the "authenticate this" thread?Can you slowly direct me since I'm still a baby learning to crawl in this wonderful website???(thanks a millions)
  4. yup! click on Melly's link above and it will take you there. We check that thread regularly.
  5. Closing....
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