pls help! timeless clutch owners...

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  1. i am thinking of getting this clutch in black lambskin but i know caviar is easier to get a hold of....

    i really like lamskin but will it lose its shape over time? if it does then i would prefer to get it in caviar since the leather is harder

    what do you girls think?
  2. I do't think the Lambskin would lose it's shape, I would think that the quilted stitching and lining would hold it. I prefer the look f the lambskin over the caviar but I'm pretty clumsy and would probably be dropping it all the time, so would (personally) go with caviar.

    My SA said it was also coming out in Calf next season (which I'm listed for). Has anyone else heard this?
  3. thanks Cal for your help, i have never seen it in real life because where im from theres no chanel boutiques! but from the pics ive seen its gorgeous!

    i wouldn't mind caviar but i would prefer lambskin since my other bags are all caviar... but i just want to know if it will hold its shape in lambskin

    what ll calfskin look like?
  4. I can't imagine lambskin losing its shape. As long as you don't squeeze it too hard or apply excessive amounts of pressure on it (i.e. put stuff on top of it), it should be perfectly fine!

    if you take a look at some of the Chanel luxury ligne bowlers, some of them are made out of "calfskin leather." It is essentially pretty smooth leather and very durable, so it's not at rough as caviar and still not fragile like lambskin.
  5. thanks evychew, anyone have pics of the calfskin clutch? i think since i wont b using this as an everyday bag then i should go for lambskin... or maybe i should wait for the calf skin heehhehe
  6. I would imagine lambskin to be very elicate an may not withstan a beating...that sai clutches rn't used everyday so lambskin would be nice :biggrin:
  7. I don't think the lambskin will lost its shape, but I do think the quilting will become deflated over time.
    Believe it or not the timeless clutch in caviar is actually very smooshy.