Pls help...the brief or the work

  1. This will be my 2nd Bbag..which one should i go for GSH violet? brief or work? such a hard decision :confused1:
  2. They are both TDF!! You can't go wrong with either one. I have Work Violet SGH, and love it to pieces. I think it depends on the style you like. N/S(Brief) or E/W style(Work)
  3. I vote Violet SGH Work, though I might be biased since I own the Violet SGH work! I just prefer the Work size in general over the brief. It works better for my laptop and when I just want a big bag.
  4. Another vote for the Work!
  5. Okay I have two Works. An 05 Black Work and a new 07 Plomb Work with GGH. But then I also just got a Tomato Brief with GGH. Between the two though, my favorite is the WORK. I just freakin loooove that bag.

    Go for the Work!!!!
  6. I love both but my choice would be the work
  7. my vote is for the work!! :tup:
  8. u guys help a lot ....many thanks....still waiting for further votes
  9. two thumbs up for the WOrk! i totally love this style (this is the only one that i own right now) :smile:
  10. Here is me w/ my Vilolet SGH brief. The brief is big, but the work seriously overpowers my frame. I am 5'5" 105-110 lbs at most. It helps to have size reference, I absolute adore my brief. I get ridiculous amounts of compliments on this bag EVERY time I carry it. Thanks to my favorite SA in the world, Kim @ Balny. Sorry that I am making an "icky" face in the pic.
  11. So, of course I vote for the brief! So tres chic!
  12. Shasta...u r awesome with this Bbag..thanks for ur ref too
  13. voting for the work! good luck in your decision.
  14. Sorry, not a violet (because for me black is the new violet) , but here is how the GGH Work looks on me - I'm 5'7 and 140 lbs. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FREAKING BAG!:yahoo:
  15. You can't go wrong with either one, I am sorry I am not a good helper here because I can't even decided :p