Pls. help! Should I keep it or not?

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  1. I purchased the Treesje Monaco in black a few days ago and got a really great deal on it but I am not sure if I should keep it or not. I also got two Hayden-Harnett bags a couple of days ago too and am waiting for them to arrive. I do like this bag but I think I might have gone overboard on the handbag shopping. What should I do? :shrugs:
    DSC02450.JPG DSC02447.JPG DSC02449.JPG DSC02446.JPG
  2. i like the way the bag looks hand held its very nice and stylish, i honestly think it looses alot of points on the arm, just my two cents.
    i do like the way the bag looks but i would have to see the other bags to pick, as for this gets 7/10 cuz of the held part.
  3. I like it best on the arm but like drunky_krol said I need to see the other 2 before I can say send it back. Its cute but not something I would pick up.
  4. Thanks for the opinions... here are the other two for reference.

    I know these might not be something that most people would get but I just wanted to switch it up with different styles. :P Thanks again for the input!
  5. It's a great bag, but keep it only if you are in love with it.

    If have to ask myself the return question, then I return it. It's one of the ways I steer clear of impulse shopping.
  6. I think it looks nice, is it easy to get into? Out of the three, I'd definately keep this one.

    However, if you can't make up your mind maybe it just isn't right for you. Trust your instincts.
  7. I love the two HH bags - lots of personality on those. I liked the Treese bag at first, but when comparing it to the HH bags, the HH bags win.
  8. I like the Wyeth tote.
  9. I don't have any bags from either brand, but I think the Treesje looks good on you and I don't like those two Hayden-Harnett bags at all. Good luck deciding - it's all about what works best for you!
  10. I agree with both Ragdol and Jane Bond!
  11. i was just looking at that Treesje today! i like it alot. do the smaller straps fit on the shoulder?
  12. redskater: It is different in the way that it is constructed because it has the zipper and then it has the magnets that make it fold over but getting into it is not hard, just not the easiest either. The zipper glides easily though so that is not really a problem. It is just that the magnets are really strong too. Don't know if that makes sense.

    msterling:Thank you for the comment :smile:

    DiscoLemonade: The smaller straps do fit on the shoulder but it is not the most comfortable to use it that way. I bought two of this style... in the plum and this black one and I am really on the fence about it. I really do like the longer strap especially when I am bringing the two kids out.

    Thank you for all the input!!!
  13. I like the Wyeth tote the most out of all, then the Treesje Monaco. Maybe you could keep the Wyeth tote and the Treesje Monaco and return the other HH. just my opinion, but it is the one that you are indecisive about that is the one you probaly do not want.
  14. :queen:keep it its beautiful
  15. I like the bag but, if you don't love it, i would return (even though it was a great deal)

    I am only buying/keeping stuff i love these days..