Pls HELP!! Shld i buy my J12 watch from Chanel USA or Chanel Paris??

  1. Hi, i'm planning to get my J12 watch from overseas. Understand it's cheaper for me to get it there then in singapore. However, i need to know if it will be cheaper for me to buy from USA or Paris (europe)?

    As I know, if I buy from USA then there will be no tax refund but the retail price is already cheaper than in singapore? Ideally i wuld like to get it from Chanel Paris but not sure if the retail price is cheaper than in USA (but i can claim tax refund, do you know how much will that be??), thanks!

    Appreciate your help and comments on this!:love::flowers:
  2. I believe the US is one of the cheapest places to buy due to the current exchange rate.


    For some reason, the Hawaii prices on Chanel J12's are a bit lower than the mainland (48 continental states) US prices. For instance, the 38mm Automatic White J12 with Diamond Markers is $4,800 here in Hawaii but in the mainland US it is at least $4,950 although I have heard it is over $5k there now.

    HTH! What kind of J12 are you looking to get?
  3. Actually i'm lookin for J12 (white or black) in MM38 without diamond markers. In fact, i checked with a SA from Chanel store (in USA but not sure which state), she advised me the retail price (for wat i'm lookin for) is ard USD3900+
  4. ^Hmm yes that sounds about right for the one without diamond markers. :yes: You might want to try to call one of the Hawaii boutiques (Ala Moana # is 808-942-5555) and see what our price is. Judy Chin is great!
  5. Thanks for the above info. In fact, Judy was the one who provided me the price quote for the J12 watch....hehe:flowers:
  6. ^Hehe! I love her! I'm really tryin hard to save up for a J12 too. Hope you can find a good deal!
  7. Yah...i really love the watch but also can't decide what color....*LOL*

    In fact, i jus sold a couple of my bags and will be able to fund it....Hopefully i can find a gd deal for the J12 watch, cross my fingers:girlsigh:
  8. ^I personally prefer the white, but either way, you can't go wrong!
  9. does anyone know about the price in hong kong? i'm also interested in the one without diamonds. anyone please?
  10. Yah, my 1st choice is white too but recently i saw the black as well, looks gorgeous too:graucho::graucho:
  11. Wuld love to hear from ladies (in europe) abt the retail price and what will be the tax refund?
  12. Celia,
    I would defo go for the white lol! It just suits the watch so beautifully.

    The problem with purchasing from Europe is that you will be charged customs duty and taxes, so even if you are eligible for a tax refund, I think it will work out more expensive than it would be to purchase at home :smile:
  13. Oops....really? So europe is neither cheaper than USA right?? Anyway,u also eyein one white J12 with diamond or without?:love:
  14. really hope someone can comment this if i were to buy it in Chanel (eg, Paris store or stores in europe), what will be the retail price for the J12 white MM38 without diamond markers (including local taxes)?? Since i can get tax refund, how much is it (eg, 10%)??
  15. Yup, the 38mm automatic w/ diamond markers is officially $5250 retail (post price increase), just bought one yesterday :smile: