pls help regarding returning an item

  1. I bought shoes on eBay, and on the auction, they were clearly stated for size 37's. When i received the shoes they were 37.5. and they ended up being too big on me. I sent the seller an email requesting for a refund based on the fact that she said they were 37 and she agreed. But she she also said, that she was going on vacation starting saturday (tomorrow) and wont be back for 2 weeks. I told her i can ship them out today for saturday priority so she can get them before she leaves but she has not replied. Should I ship the item back right away or wait until she gets back from vacation? thanks!!
  2. Before you send them back, file a claim with eBay as not described. This will protect you as a buyer. She probably won't have time to refund you before she leaves for vacation so I wouldn't bother spending the extra money to ship them quicker. When she gets back from vacation she will have more time to deal with it.
  3. she already filed a claim to mutually withdraw the contract. will that be ok too?
  4. Yes, but make sure that you put the tracking number for the shoes in your comments section after you ship them. This will help avoid any delays in getting your refund -- the seller will have to refund you if eBay/PP has the shipping info and won't be able to stall.
  5. File a complaint on Paypal as well. So have you returned the order, Paypal will reverse you the money.