PLS. HELP???? Questions about LV Houston??

  1. Hi.... I have a question about my LV Vernis Gray Color HOUSTON. I am with my friend lately, & she's asking about my Houston , she's looking for the DATA CODE? Is there such thing as Data code in LV bags?? If ever, where can I find that Data code in my Houston? :confused1: THanks!!!!
  2. Yes, there is a date code I think it's inside the zip compartment. Btw grey is lovely.
  3. Pinki682...I just looked at my bag right now, I can't find that data code , you said inside the zip compartment. Cannot find it....really??? I can't believe there's such thing as that. I bought this in LV Boutigue.
  4. Your bag definitely has a datecode.
  5. it's in the d ring inside the bag.
  6. Oops... my fault.

    It's on the D ring... of the bag.
    I just checked mine...

    Ps. the former post is for the Thompson st.
  7. [​IMG]:yes:
  8. Thank you to all of you who replied to my query! That's why I love this site! Everyone's so friendly and helpful. Thanks!