PLS HELP! Question about patent leather, not sure if I should cry or not

ValenTina xxo

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Dec 3, 2011
Hi everyone :heart:

This is my first thread post so please excuse me if it's a little messy!

Okay, so here is my problem... I just got my first pair of patent Louboutin's, the Highness 160MM in Black Patent Leather, and I just tried them on for literally 5 minutes in my house and already made a few dents in the patent. The dents don't appear to be in the leather but just in the patent, and there are three of them, roughly a cm or so each. I'm very careful with stuff so I have no idea how it happened, but the fact that it happened so quickly makes me really worried for the shoes future!

I can't find anything online about this, and I've always had this indentation problem with patent shoes, so it's making me worry that I'm the only one! I also tried to ask my favourite salesguy at Holts about the denting in patent at the time I purchased them but he didn't seem to understand me.

I guess in short my question is, what do you guys do about dents on patent? Does anyone else experience such denting on their patent shoes?

Thank you so much to anyone who can help me please :love:

Sorry, the pics are a little hard to see but they may give you an idea. The mark looks white in the pic but thats just the lighting... The dent only seems to be in the patent. I also included one pic of the shoe just because their so cute. :biggrin: