Pls Help....Question about Grains?

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  1. Hi everyone, I am just curious about Togo Grains, are there any issue about grains, whether big grains are much better than small grains? I need an expert's opinion about this. Thanks so much! :confused1:
  2. I am not an expert but as far as I know, there is no difference to the quality of the Togo skin whether the grain is big or small. It's more a matter of personal preference in terms of aesthetics.
  3. I agree with Ms Piggy. I have a gold togo which has considerably larger graines than my bleu jean togo, but they are both beautiful in their own way.
  4. I think there is no difference in quality. I prefer small even grains, but large grains have their fans too !
  5. I think this applies to the veins (or vein-less) too.

    perlerare I like them small grained and vein-less :lol:
  6. You saucy minx!
  7. Naughty, naughty :P
  8. Maryanne, my togos are so different, my first one is the orange kelly. The grains are fine, no veining. The blue jean birkin is medium grain with very obvious veining. The orange birkin is medium grain with light veining. The black one has humongous bulging 3-D grains, I think this was a bovine on steroids. They are all K-stamped. Really depends on your personal preference, if you were ordering one, you really have to wait & see it when it arrives if you are happy with the look or if you can to see them IRL at the boutique before you decide. IMO larger grains look more casual but I have learnt to love them all.

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  9. close-ups for you

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  10. :biguns:
  11. medusa, you sure love your orange. Lovely collection!
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    Yes ms piggy I love my H-orange!
  13. This is very interesting, thanks for posting the pics
  14. medusa, Beautiful collection. :smile:
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    mooks, you are welcome!
    :shame:Thanks KB!