Pls help- Prices of Miu Miu harleqin in HK?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm planning a trip to HK in May, and I am wondering where are the Miu Miu stores in HK, and does anyone know the price of the MiuMiu Harleqin bags for both sizes ???

  2. Alrighty, I should know this one. I'll give you a ball-park b/c I forgot the exact amount. I'm in the process of getting one once I figure out the colour (from HK).
    Medium- HKD $10,400 (really close to this amount)
    Large- HKD $11,500 (also close)
    I know they are roughly about HKD $1000 apart,b/c I remember saying to my Mom that I'd rather buy the large one if it's only such a small amount difference.
    BTW, DON'T fall in love w/the BLUE harlequin, cause they didn't stock it in all of HK Miu Miu. And aparently they aren't called the Harlequin there too.
    Hope I was of help! And hope someone else can give you the exact amount!
  3. I was just in Hong Kong, and they didn't have the blue, and I did look at the prices, but I'm drawing a blank...I'm sorry. I remember I converted it though, and it was about $200 US cheaper.
  4. Thanks so much gals~~~ :smile::smile:
    MUCH HELP!!!! Very much appreciated!

    Can't wait to see what I can get my hands on in HK!:wlae: