Pls help Prada Gaufre or YSL Muse

  1. Help guys.. which should i go for between Prada Gaufre ruched convertible or YSL muse in dark brown or black ??
  2. picture of Prada Gaufre ruched convertible
  3. I like the Muse. :yes:
  4. personally i like the gauffre better, the muse is too business-like..but if you're going to use the bag for office, meeting with clients, etc. muse would be more suitable for you especially that it is pretty roomy.
  5. I've always wanted a YSL Muse. The gauffre is nice, but for me, I don't care for all the ruching.
  6. I have a couple of Prada ruched bags. Love them. The Muse, while I have thought of buying one several times, is a bit boring IMHO.
  7. I :heart: the YSL Muse (see wishlist :shame: )
  8. My vote goes to the YSL muse
  9. i'm a prada lover, but, just saw the picture of the muse and love it! imho, go for it!
  10. I thought this would be easy, since I have and love the muse, but after seeing the pic of the prada, I must suggest the prada bag. It's gorgeous!!!

    I would carefully compare both of them IRL to make sure. I like the strap on the prada. I wish my muse had a strap. Make sure to do research on both! Good Luck and tell us what you got!
  11. I'm partial to (read I'm in LOVE with) the ruched Prada frame bag but it is huge! The Prada you pictured is more unique than the Muse but the Muse is more of a classic. It depends on your personal style. I think the Prada is a more attention grabbing bag. The Muse is beautiful but understated. My personal preference is the Muse.
  12. Definitely YSL Muse! I never really like the Prada ruched bags.
  13. I will choose the Muse for its price and build as compared to Prada Gaufre

  14. Probably we're in same situation. I'm also so confused to by muse or different style ( shoulder frame bag) Prada bag. Probably I'll go for the muse. The chocolate brown one is so pretty!
  15. Muse but NOT in white!