Pls Help: Orange/Los Angeles County Stroller Stores


love being a new mom
Jan 19, 2006
Hi ladies, can you post the locations of stores that sell baby/newborn strollers that have a good variety of the higher end ones.

I need to see them IRL so I can tell the weight and how they will work on the sand at the beach. I am having a hard time finding places besides online that I can look at them. Mostly they only have the bugagoo so that would be the last one to see again, it is mostly the others that Ive only seen on the web.

I'm thinking of brands such as Stokke, bob, phil/ted, other european ones, inglesia, orbit, bugaboo. Those type of strollers.

So please, if you live in either of these counties please post the locations or names of stroller stores that sell some of the more expensive type locations. I've checked babies r us and usa baby in san diego. I figured LA/OC will have more selection and stores and I'm willing to drive anywhere over there to have a look see.

Sorry for being long winded.


Nov 11, 2006
Los Angeles
We went to Traveling Tikes in Century City a few weeks ago. They have a lot of different strollers in store (bugaboo, inglesina, Uppa Vista, orbit, quinny, peg perego, maclaren, and other ones). I am sure they had joggers like Bob, Phil & Ted, but we didn't look at them since we weren't looking for joggers. They have a website under the same name, so you can get their addy and number there. It's a few blocks west of Century City Mall.

Plus they offer free ground shipping on their site, so we plan to just order from the website.


Feb 3, 2007
0 ( various store locations available online) (has orbitbaby)
  • Babystyle - Newport Beach
  • Fashion Island
    1103A Newport Center Dr.
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • 949.759.1129

3807 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
*I've been here and they have ALOT of strollers (Stokke, Orbitbaby, Bugaboo, Maclaren, etc). I recommend going to Kidsland. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of inventory they carry. They even have European labels for kid's clothing. They validate if you park behind the store in the parking structure.


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
babystyle, at least in Northern California, also carries bugaboo.

I'm sure there's somewhere in San Diego, but unfortunately I was never looking for baby stuff when I used to be down there, so I can't recommend any. But if I could find all of the various brands in the 'burbs here, without a single trip to San Francisco, it makes me think there must be someplace in La Jolla or somewhere that would have strollers without having to drive to LA.

Have you tried going to the manufacturers' websites and looking for retailers in your area? Almost all of them have a search by zip or state. That's what I did when I was hunting down some of them, like Mutsy. Definitely call first to make sure they really do carry them, since I found some only carried a few styles or had changed lines.


love being a new mom
Jan 19, 2006
Thanks ladies, I will check out kidsland when I'm in the LA area again. Ironically, I contacted strollerqueen and she said the best stroller store used to be in La Jolla, where I live but not anymore. But I'm going to check out right start down here.

Any of you guys take your stroller out onto compacted sand? Thats what I need it for but not really a jogging stroller. Travelling tikes stopped carring stokes as an fyi. They have one there but they said it isn't selling so they are no longer going to carry it.