Pls Help??? New LV bag

  1. My friend is in San Francisco now, called me & said that there was a New LV patent bag in the store, but not yet displayed, still at the stockroom. But my friend was able to take a peek, it is color cinnamon brown & the price is $4,050.00. Can anyone help me identify this new LVbag?? Thanks!!:confused1:
  2. did they say anything about wool, it could be the shearling
  3.'s not wool. She said, it's Patent Leather with colors cinnamon brown with Black combination. I think it's from fall collection, & the price is $4050.00 . Thanks
  4. You are talking about the Louis Vuitton Motard Biker :smile: They come in all black and black and brown :smile:
  5. Oh yes.....Thank you so much! Well, I guess that's IT!!! As soon as you mentioned Motard Biker, i checked the reference , & maybe that's it! Thanks for your help...