Pls..Help!!New bk crackled patent(Med) VS 2.55 bk patent (227) VS Classic caviar(Med


Pls..Help!!New bk crackled patent(Med) VS 2.55 bk patent (227) VS Classic caviar(Med

  1. New bk crackled patent(Med) or navy blue (Jumbo)

  2. 2.55 bk patent (227)

  3. Classic caviar(Med/Jumbo)

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  1. I recently got the Met bk (226)..
    I want to get another one before PI..(I do not have any classic caviar Med/Jumbo size bag)
    Do you think patent bags are too trendy?

    Pls..Help me to choose!!

    1....New bk crackled patent(Med) or navy blue (Jumbo) VS
    2....2.55 bk patent (227) -pic is showing navy blue though VS
    3... Classic caviar(Med/Jumbo)

    pics are from the reference room...
    Also, 227 and Jumbo are heavy? A Giant Med Balenciaga is a little heavy for me..Thanks for your help...:smile:
    test1.JPG DSC04820.JPG
  2. no pics:confused1:, also if you own the 226, 227 weights the same, I own both and can't tell the diff., and no jumbo is not heavy.
  3. I say get a basic bag......classic caviar.......
  4. ITA with Jill.

    Go with a classic that you will love for always :smile:, as you already have a lovely metallic
  5. Well,Since you've already got a reissue and it is blk I'd suggest you get the new crackled patent jumbo in blue (it also comes in blk jumbo size).That way you avoid having two blk bags of about the same size!You can always get a caviar in the future!;)
  6. Since you already have a re-issue get a classic flap. The patent is beautiful!
  7. Classic!
  8. Classic every time!
  9. Odd man out here. I find the jumbos to be heavy after awhile. Also, the chain slips very easily when I'm getting into and out of the car (in other words bending a bit).
  10. Classic black caviar
  11. Just curious, is patent leather more high maintanance than the caviar leather? Is it more prone to scratching???
  12. Classic caviar is definitely the most versatile bag of the bunch. But I voted for the patent because even though normally I am not a patent girl, I am starting to fall for the crackled patent flaps in black and in blue.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. OMG - that black patent bag is TO DIE FOR!!!! WOW. :sos:
  14. Black patent! It's so cute and I'm hoping to get one soon!!
  15. I'm not a huge fan of patents, so I vote classic!