pls help~ Neverfull PM or Neverfull GM

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    Dear people,

    I need some help in choosing the size for NF, PM or MM. I opt for go with jeans or pants or shorts. I'm standing at a height of 5½" , wonder if ladies of my size has some pictures post.

    Thanks so much. :heart:
  2. I personally don't like huge bags - I have the NF PM and it fits everything I ever needed, I think it's great! I'm quite petite and short myself (sorry, don't do inches, but I'm 162 cm, if that helps). I think the GM is really huge, but if you like big bags, why don't you consider the middle size, the MM?
  3. i actually prefer smaller bag, im about 1.66cm. i am looking for a bag which is versatile,easier 2 match with.
  4. Neverfull GM will sag if you put too many things in it. If you don't carry many things with you, I suggest that you go for the PM size.
  5. Mm
  6. What about MM??It's not so huge as GM (it's huge even for me that I'm 5"10), I have it and thik it's so good!PM size is too small for me and in general!
  7. I would pick the MM. It really is the perfect size.
  8. first off, do you want a handbag or a shoulder bag ?
  9. neverfull MM , I'm 5 ft tall and the PM was way to small for me- it looked like a hand held bag. So if you are looking to use it as a shoulder bag I suggest it in the MM size.
  10. Hi lovely, prefer to have it as a shoulder bag.
  11. then i'd go for the bigger bag, mm is a nice size. I think the gm is more for travel then an everyday bag.
  12. pm
  13. I'd say MM.
  14. I only carry a wallet, cell phone, keys and an agenda...the PM is perfect for me....with room to spare.

    But if you carry around more stuff, the MM might be better. And you can always cinch the MM up to make it smaller if you'd like to.
  15. MM is perfect size