Pls. Help: Need to Withdraw Bid

  1. Here's my predicament. I bid on a gorgeous Hermes scarf and a day later the seller added a message to her auction saying she just discovered the scarf has a long pull. She said it was OK for anyone bidding to withdraw their bids under the circumstance since the scarf is flawed.

    I've asked her to cancel my bid but that hasn't happened yet and I think that is due to a language problem. I'm concerned that if I do a bid withdrawal it will show up as kind of a black mark when a future seller checks my feedback.

    If I can get the seller to cancel my bid will that show up as a bid withdrawal? I hope I am making sense. Please help.
  2. Here's a great set of tools. On the bottom left, you can cancel bids.
    She should cancel the bid, not you (or you will have a withdrawal on your record).
  3. Thanks to your advice, the seller cancelled my bid along with her auction. I had a feeling if I did a bid withdrawal it would show on my record and a future seller might not understand that this seller discovered she had damaged merchandise after it was listed. Again, many thanks for all your help!!! :smile:
  4. Glad it worked out.